Hama 3in1 Lens Pen Kit 5638

Hama 3in1 Lens Pen Kit 5638


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Dust a feature of your camera?

There's nothing worse than using a camera covered in dirt and, if you let dust build up over time, you'll spend hours in Photoshop trying to remove the distractions that you could so easily have removed before. You need the high quality Lenspen Kit from Hama.

Clean up with Hama!

WHAT ARE MICROFIBRES? The thickness of microfibres is finer than 1/100 of human hair. Each thread is split into 16/17 micro segments by special physical and chemical treatment. WHY USE MICRO FIBRES? Microfibre wedge shaped cross section threads have more than 40 times surface area compared to normal fibres. These trap dust and dirt and clean easier and more effectively than traditional brushes, cloths and cleaning methods.

The Lenspen 3in1 Cleaning Kit from Hama!

The Hama Lenspen Kit 3in1 contains two lenspens, one being of mini size, and a microfibre velour cleaning cloth (21 x 27 cm, 70% polyester, 30% polyamide). It is ideal to have in your kit bag when you require a quick clean between shoots. The ultra-soft cloth and brush pen is anti-static... it has been developed for effective scratch free cleaning of modern lenses and screens without the need for chemical solutions that may harm fine, sensitive coatings on some equipment. Simply wipe or brush clean to remove dust, fingerprints and every day greasy marks leaving a clear, streak free finish.

Give your camera the clean it needs with the Lenspen Kit 3in1 from Hama!

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