FOMA Film, Paper and Chemistry

Black & White Photo Materials - Films, Papers and Chemicals

Since 1921 photographic plates and processing chemicals were originally produced under brand FOMA. At present factory of FOMA BOHEMIA Ltd. keeps manufacturing of black & white photo films (negative and reversal), photographic papers both in MG (multigrade) & fixed grades and different types of processing chemicals.

Among the unique B&W photo materials you can find negative film Fomapan 200, reversal film Fomapan R, special warmtone paper Fomatone MG, contact printing paper Fomalux, stable negative developer Fomadon Excel (type of X-tol), positive and negative developer Foma Universal Developer, gelatine Photographic Emulsion, etc.


Negative and reversal photographic films
Contemporary FOMA´s range of black & white photo films includes panchromatically sensitized negative films in speeds ISO 100, 200 and 400. These films are manufactured in 35 mm for 36, 24 exposures and in long length rolls, also in size 120 and in sheet films of sizes 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10. At the same time our company keeps producing of b&w reversal film FOMAPAN R, used for making transparencies and filmaking.

Photographic Papers

MG papers and Graded photo papers on RC & FB, Warmtone MG papers, Special papers, Emulsion
Our portfolio of black & white photographic papers includes primarily multigrade (MG) / variant contrast (VC) photographic papers made on resin-coated (RC) base and fiber/baryta base (FB). Both in neutral tone and warmtone. Papers with fixed grades are still available too. Within special papers we keep production of contact printing paper FOMALUX and warmtone papers coated on natural base FOMATONE MG Classic 532, 542. As a complementary product, gelatine photographic emulsion is supplied to coat on various materials.


Film and Paper Developers, Fixers, Toners, Stop bath, Wetting agent, Emulsion
All processing and other chemicals are developed and produced in the FOMA factory to comply with the best qualities of our own photographic films and papers. We can offer to you wide range of negative and positive developers both in liquid and powder, liquid rapid fixer and powder acid fixer, sepia and indigo toners, stop bath, wetting agent and emulsion.

Lightpro will be adding the FOMA range of papers and chemistries in 2024