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After almost 30 years in Markham ON, most recently at 351 Steelcase Road, both companies have made the move to Mississauga, to co-locate with the LightPro Group Inc. LightPro Group Inc. is located at 3206 Wharton Way, west of the 427 off Dundas Street East.

All of the products distributed by Kindermann Canada and Blazes Photographic are now handled through LightPro Group Inc.'s facilities. Please check out for all of our offerings. Many items from Linhof, Rollei, and Silvestri Cameras, are not listed yet. For information on these products, please inquire directly with Mike Boylan.

Kindermann Canada was associated with the brand of Leica Camera for a great many years. It remains synonymous to this day because of our Leica service tecnician, Gerry Smith. Unfortunately, Gerry retired from servicing Leica products in 2019. We no longer accept Leica products, or the Rolleiflex twin lens cameras.

For repairs on Bowens, Linhof,  Silvestri Cameras, and SIRUI tripods and heads, please contact Mike Boylan, or Michael Assaly for sales assistance.

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