Green Clean Sensor and Lens Cleaning

The system provides two-step cleaning to remove all types of contaminants.

In view of the extremely sensitive coatings of the sensor covers, contactless cleaning is undoubtedly the safest method for removing mineral, metallic or other loose particles. All sensors are high charge carriers due to their functionality, in addition, the static charge is amplified by the ambient conditions in the studio.

The dust removal with simultaneous anti-static effect prevents the immediate attraction of particles from the air – only then is a safe cleaning of greasy impurities with liquid and cloth possible.

Digi Back Cleaner is a product of the proven series DUSTING TOOLS from GREEN-CLEAN for fine technics. The basis is the compressed gas HI TECH Air Power, the trigger “TOP valve” is supplemented with a special Thunderon® brush adapter.

Thunderon® has the ability to neutralize the static charge. In combination with the GC Air Duster, the discharge works via the gas flow, thus the contactless dust removal with simultaneous antistatic effect takes place. The effectiveness of the Thunderon® brush is permanent, the conductivity only loses itself with contamination.

If after this dust removal, greasy impurities adhering to the sensor can be detected, the special sensor cleaner from GREEN-CLEAN for fine technics is used. A drop of the cleaner is applied directly to the sensor by means of a drip dispenser and distributed and wiped off with the extremely soft GREEN-CLEAN “SILKY WIPE”. The clothes are individually packaged and designed for single use to avoid dirt transfer. The cleaning fluid contains no alcohol and no aggressive solvents, yet has a very high grease dissolving power. It is important to emphasize that no rapidly volatile substances such as alcohol are used because streak-free cleaning is virtually impossible with rapid evaporation on the relatively large surface of these sensors. In addition, adhesions on the edges could be attacked.

„SILKY WIPE“ consists of particularly smooth, tightly spun silk derivative/cotton threads, without chemical binders or bleaching agents. The cloth quality is therefore particularly soft and does NOT absorb the cleaning liquid. The cleaner itself can be distributed better and the longer reaction time between dirt and surface leads to an optimal cleaning effect.

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