Green Clean Non Full Size Sensor Cleaning Kit [SC-4200]

Green Clean Non Full Size Sensor Cleaning Kit [SC-4200]

Green Clean

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This contact-free cleaning system works on the vacuum principle to gently remove dust and friction particles from the sensor and camera housing.

Green Clean Profi Kit Non Full Frame Size - SC-4200

Profi Kit contains:
1 x G-2051 HI - Tech 400 ml non inflammable
1 x V-3000 Mini Vacuum
3 x SC-4050 Pick Up Protective Tube
3 x SC-4070 Wet & Dry Sachets non full frame size

  • SENSOR CLEANING SYSTEM for digital reflex CCD and CMOS cameras.
  • Removes all forms of contamination: loose forms are lifted off, grimy forms are dissolved / dry polishing.
  • Safe process due to contact- and residue-free application
  • No compression and transportation of dirt particles
  • No direct gas contact
  • High performance suction action guarantees gentle lifting off of the loose particles, even when confronted with the resistance of the static charging inside the camera
  • Economical: In fact the main percentage of contamination is loose and can therefore be removed with the MINI Vacuum
  • HI TECH pressurized gas is especially strong, stable and productive thus resulting in the most economical method of sensor cleaning.
  • Effective as the dust is removed from the camera shaft and the objective

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