Sirui Photography Tripods

Sirui 3T Tripod

3T Series

Table Top Tripod  hand/table/video tripod kit

Hand tripod or table tripod - removable telescopic centre column - rubber feet
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T-OX Series Tripod


Traveler Ultralight – tripod with head, aluminum and carbon

very light – compact – removable/adjustable centre column - short column included - weight hook
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Sirui ET Tripod

ET/E Series

Easy Traveler – tripod kit with ball head

flip-locks - rubber feet - lightweight - 180° fold up legs for compactness
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TX Series

TX Series

Traveler – travel tripod

ring-locks - rubber feet - lightweight - 180° fold up legs for compactness
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Sirui NX Series Tripod

NX Series

Universal X – tripod with built in monopod

ring-locks - all-round tripod - split-centre column - rubber feet with spikes - 180° fold up legs
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Sirui EN Tripod

EN Series

Easy Universal – tripod with built in monopod

flip-locks - all-round tripod - split-centre column - rubber feet with spikes - 180° fold up legs... More info…


Sirui W Series Tripod


Waterproof – tripod with built-in monopod

all-round tripod - waterproof and dust proof - ring-locks - split-centre column - rubber feet along with metal spikes - 180° fold up legs
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Sirui SN Series Tripod

SN Series

Snap Universal – flat packing tripod with built in monopod

all round tripod - rubber feet with - folds flat in a suitcase
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Sirui RX Series Tripod

RX Series

Reporter X – large studio tripod

includes 75mm half bowl adapter - 10 layer carbon legs - large and very robust