Sirui Tripod and Monopod Heads

SIRUI heads are meticulously machined to precision. They are a perfect for professional photographers and enthusiasts alike. With its innovative design using the best materials, coated with anodic oxidation, and high-end CNC machining. SIRUI remains a best buy against any competitor.

Camera Sliding Stopper

Sirui Sliding StoppersStops the camera from slipping or twisting when shooting in portrait orientation.

Spirit Levels

Sirui LevelsFor perfect alignment SIRUI heads have bubble levels for level horizons.

Safety Lock System and Security Pin

Sirui Locking MechanismTo prevent accidental slipping, SIRUI heads have a safety lock system with safety pin.

Arca-Swiss compatible clamp

Sirui Arca MountThis international standard (Acra-Swiss) allows the use of many removable quick release plate brands.

Friction adjustment

Sirui Tensioning Lock KnobThe GX series has a separate knob for adjust the friction. The SIRUI KX series has integrated refined adjustment in the locking knob.