Green Clean Sensor Clean Kit SC-4000

Green Clean Sensor Clean Kit SC-4000

Green Clean

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Green Clean Clip and Flip Hands Free Magnifier [SC-0500]

The Green-Clean Sensor Cleaning System is a product developed by professionals for professional cleaning of all types of digital cameras... and not just the sensor, but all critical areas including the mirror box, lens barrels, etc.

This contact-free cleaning system works on the vacuum principle allowing the user to gently remove dust, fluff and friction particles from the sensor and camera housing. Using compressed air, the "Mini Vac" creates a vacuum action and gently "hoovers" dust of the sensor, mirror box, lens barrel and other critical areas of the camera & lens. If there is any kind of stain, grease or welded-on dust particles left on the sensor, then the "Wet & Dry" sweeper system (included in kit SC-4000) be used. The “Wet Sweeper” is pre-soaked with the correct dosage of cleansing fluid (non-toxic, non-flammable) to dissolve dirt, which is then lifted off by the “Wet Sweeper” with it's pre-treated textile, leaving a clean, streak-free sensor surface!

Kit includes:

  • 1 x V-3000 Mini Vacuum
  • 1 x G-2051 Hi Tech Air + Vacuum Power 400 ml
  • 3 x SC-4050 Pick-Up protective tube
  • 3 x SC-4070 Wet Foam Swab & Dry Sweeper ("full-frame" size)


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