6815 Hama Flash Bracket, 30 x 177 mm


  • 2000

With a flash bracket you can take more professional photos. It is the ideal location for a flash unit that can be mounted close enough to the camera. What is more, the bracket lets you play around with light and allows you to effectively reduce the effect of red-eye in your pictures.

- For fixing a flash unit next to the camera
- For all flash units, lights, synchro sensors, and tilt heads with a standard accessory shoe
- Suitable for photo/video cameras with a tripod socket
- With a standard accessory shoe and a sliding A 1/4" (6.4 mm) camera screw, B 1/4" (6.4 mm) tripod socket
- Plastic surface
- Larger illumination angle as the flash unit is attached next to the camera
- Prevents the effect of "red eye" as the flash comes from another angle and not directly from near the lens as this would be the case without a flash bracket
- Easy to use: the camera and flash unit are compactly attached to the flash bracket that ensures optimal weight shift for portrait shots

Dimensions: 3x2.3x17.7cm, 1.18x0.90x6.96 inches

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