Sirui - RX100A - RX Series 100mm Adapter Bowl


  • 6000

Perfectly aligned tripod

The SIRUI 100mm half bowl adapter allows the horizontal alignment of the assembled head with SIRUI 100mm levelling half ball. The hassle of adjusting tripod legs is a thing of the past.

The adapter should especially be used for panoramas and when using 3D tripod heads. In addition video cameras, which are used with a video head on the SIRUI RX tripods should be mounted on a horizontally-aligned head mounting plate for panning.

This pack includes the SIRUI 100mm half bowl adapter RX-100A. It fits perfectly the SIRUI broadcast head BCH-30 and levelling half ball RX-100B.

• For 100mm half balls
• Height: 47mm
• Surface diameter: 98mm
• Weight: 110g
• Load: 18kg

SIRUI tripods R-4213X, R-4214X, R-5214X, R-5214XL (not R-3213X)

1x SIRUI RX-100A Levelling Half Bowl 100mm for SIRUI RX tripods
*tripod and levelling half ball not included

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